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Audio Visual Systems London & Dorset

  • SK Vision - Home Cinema Installation, Audio Visual Systems
    and Home Automation Technology for London & Dorset

    Automated home technology & home cinema is possibly the most exciting innovation of this new millennium. It is so new it still searches for a generic name: Smart Home … Intelligent Home … Home automation …

  • Home Cinema Installation
    based in London and Dorset

    Home cinema or home theatre is a whole lot more than watching TV. The idea is to
    re-create a luxury cinema experience with a large screen, surround sound, automatic lighting and curtains with deep-seated comfortable armchairs with
    pushbutton leg rests. Read More

  • Multi-Room Audio & Entertainment Systems
    based in London and Dorset

    Time was when the well-off had a television and a radio in every room. Today you can have the same flexibility with more choice and crystal clear sound and picture quality. Unobtrusive speakers and TV screens in every room. It is called a Multi-Room Entertainment system. Read More

  • Home Automation Technology
    based in London and Dorset

    At the high end of home automation, the whole ambience of a home can be tweaked and changed by touch panels, wireless remotes and even by mobile phones. Light, music, television, telephony, games, climate and security – all at the command of a fingertip. At home or away! - Read More

The home of the future has arrived!

It is a totally integrated system of controlling home entertainment, home cinema, home security, energy conservation and a lot more. You are in command at house or abroad, using intelligent touch screens or buttons. The potential is mind-blowing.

SK Vision based in London and Dorset, installs and integrates home automation systems and various home cinema. We suggest elegant solutions and source the equipment best suited to the brief and the budget. We will integrate the system during construction or refurbishment so that it is discreetly hidden as part of the building’s fabric.

Testimonial: “It is amazing light and sound can transform a room so theatrically. Pure magic! SK Vision not only came up with great ideas and installed them without fuss or bother. Great value Home Cinema, too.” RM, Interior designer London.

We work with a large number of clients including private individuals, Interior designers, architects, property developers, builders and all other related contractors.


Home Cinema Installations London

The new technologies broaden the scope of building design: space is no longer there to be created but possibly atmospherically filled with such automated features as light and shade, sound and vision, security and climate.

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Property Developers

Home Automation London

The time to install home automation is while the property is being developed. Entertainment at a touch, home cinema and even virtual golf are expensive to install in an existing property but cost virtually nothing if built into the construction. And, an automated home will sell faster.

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Interior Designers

Home Automation in London

Entertainment is an essential part of our lives. The new technologies are changing our life-styles and the way we relax into them. Television screens are bigger, flatter and now 3D. Sound is more vibrant. Home cinemas have arrived, rooms dedicated to a big screen environment.

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SK Vision FAQ's, Covering: Home Cinema Intstallation, Home Audio, Multiroom Audio and Home Automation

What are home cinema installations?
A home cinema installation can be anything from a simple TV with surround sound set up to a fully integrated audio video system in a purpose-made room in a basement or other part of the house. This would include behind–the-scenes hardware to give the impression of wireless speakers either invisible or discreetly hidden. SK Vision Home Cinema London & Home Cinema Dorset designs and installs custom home cinemas to replicate the cinema experience: remote-controlled HD TV, screen, projector, lighting, curtains and/or blinds.

Who should have a home cinema installation?
Anyone can have a home cinema installation but it depends on the size of your house and the budget. If it is to be done thoroughly and to your specification then it needs to be left to the professionals. SK Vision have a team of highly qualified engineers and technical experts who can install exactly what will meet your needs both now and in the future.

What are the benefits of a home cinema installation?
A private cinema or theatre gives personal enjoyment of your family and friends. You can choose the time the show starts and the movie you want to see. SK Vision will provide the perfect theatre ambiance built to your specification. We have a team of technological experts to provide a total package you can control with ease and without moving from your chair.

What are the costs of a home cinema installation?
The cost of home cinema installation depends on what is involved. A very simple installation with a TV and surround sound system costs very much less than converting a room to replicate the cinema experience. If the idea of a home cinema installation appeals, you should talk to us at SK Vision. We can install the right equipment fully calibrated to suit your property. It is better to talk to us first so you find out what is possible for your home, your budget and your imagination.

What is the difference between a home cinema installation and a home theatre installation?
Nothing. “Home theater” is the term is normally used in the United States.

What home theatre products do SK Vision recommend for home cinema installation?
Home theatre products that we recommend and regularly install include Pioneer, Loewe, Samsung, Bowers and Wilkins (B&W), Artcoustic, Mythos, Lexicon, Arcam, Marantz, Crestron, Anthony Gallo, Rotel, Rel, and Linn.

What is best for home cinema installations, LCD, Plasma or Projector?
A home cinema can be based around a flat screen plasma TV, LCD TV or a projector with a cinama screen. A projector-based cinema is the most cost effective option when screen measurements exceed 65 inches. A projector and screen have the following advantages:
Easier and cheaper to install
Can be dropped down form ceiling recesses for a more flexible use of the room
A screen image can be as large as your room will allow. TV screens are limited to 103 inches.
The disadvantage of a projected image is that the room has to be in near darkness for the best image intensity.

Where does SK Vision perform home cinema installations?
SK Vision performs home cinema installations throughout the UK including: Berkshire, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Kent, London, Surrey and Wiltshire. We will also will consider projects in other parts of the UK and overseas.

Are prices cheaper for Home Cinema in London and Dorset?
It really makes little difference and comparisons tell you nothing. Every installation is purpose-built to suit the client’s brief, the building and whether the house occupied or being refurbished. If you are thinking if installing Home Cinema, SK Vision will offer advice and a quotation.

When is the best time to install a home theatre system?
Unquestionably, before you move into your new home. The best home cinema requires a dedicated small room to house the racking of hardware and considerable ducting for miles of cables under the floor and within the walls. Inevitably redecoration has to be considered. On the other hand simpler installations are possible without too much damage to the fabric of your home but it will not look as nice.

What is Home Automation
A home automation system can be as comprehensive as you like – or can afford. A fully automated home will have such features as: multiroom entertainment systems that are independently and wirelessly controlled throughout the house. You can also have wireless control of lighting, curtains, blinds, garage doors, security, garden lighting and so on. Almost anything is possible even recording a TV programme or turning the oven on using your mobile telephone. SK Vision will offer ideas that will astonish you.

How much does Home Automation cost?
Depends on what automated systems you want; the house you live in, whether you are in residence and the degree of refurbishment you are prepared to accept. To install an automated home properly, the cost can seem trivial compared to the disruption whilst whole fabric of the building is torn apart to install the central hardware and the cabling to go with it. The best home automation installation is done when the house undergoes a major make-over.

What is Multiroom Audio and Multiroom Audio Visual?
Multiroom Audio is simple installing hidden speakers in every room about the house with one central receiver capable of delivering independently and remotely controlled programmes to each of them simultaneously. It’s like having a combined radio, MP3 or i-Pod and a CD player hidden in every room you can control remotely to suit yourself. Add TVs to this list and it becomes a Multiroom Audio Visual.

How much does Multiroom Audio cost?
The cost depends on what you want to include in the installation, the house you live in and the amount of disruption you are prepared to put up with whilst the installation takes place. It can be done inexpensively if you are prepared to put up with visible cables running around every room. If you want to the job elegantly by hiding the hardware rack and the miles of cabling, you must be prepared to vacate the building while we lift floor boards and rout out channels in the walls for the ducting. Then there’s the cost of redecoration.

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